Mission Statement

The purpose of the El Dorado Main Street Program is to enhance our downtown identity and heritage, to foster a center of activity for both business and recreation and to ensure economic stability for the heart of El Dorado through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and business enhancement.

About El Dorado Main Street

The health of a downtown is the very heart of a community’s quality of life.  El Dorado Main Street is a volunteer based organization which seeks to enhance the positive elements of our downtown in a variety of ways.  Through the Four Point Approach, El Dorado Main Street deals with the full spectrum of interrelated issues that affect traditional commercial districts.

Since 1998, El Dorado Main Street has assisted the community and business owners in making downtown El Dorado the heartbeat of the community by attracting residents and visitors to the area for shopping, dining, festivals, and entertainment.  El Dorado Main Street has also supported and helped finance over $40 million in reinvestment and improvements to the downtown district through 93 individual IWW loans and facade grants.

El Dorado Main Street continues working to preserve its assets through historic preservation and encourage future growth in this great community.


  • El Dorado Main Street has effectively sustained partnerships with the city, county, and state government, as well as local media, business owners, and a large base of volunteers
  • Our clean, inviting atmosphere and physical improvements have brought a unifying look to the downtown district
  • Attract and maintain complimentary business to our niche
  • Bring area residents, seniors, college students, families, art enthusiasts, day-trippers, and lake visitors to the downtown
  • El Dorado Main Street will be widely recognized as a state and national leader in the Main Street Association


Contact El Dorado Main Street today at 316-321-3088 or online, to join or make a donation to help support our historic downtown community.