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The original El Dorado Missouri Pacific Depot was a wooden structure built in 1883 when El Dorado had a population of less than 2,000.  It served as an important center of activity for the city, as news arrived either by train or telegraph which was also located at the depot.

With the discovery of oil in 1915, the city’s population soared and there was an urgent need for a new larger and modern depot.  In 1918 the current El Dorado Missouri Pacific Depot was completed at the same location.  Over the years is served the Missouri Pacific Railroad, carrying passengers and freight to and from the city of El Dorado.  The depot was often a center of many memories as men and women departed from this depot on their way to one of two World Wars.  For many soldiers, it was the last view they had of El Dorado and for those returning it was the first view they had of home often greet by  large crowds of family and friends.  One of the most famous passengers to arrive at the depot was President Theodore Roosevelt.

People meeting train1 (2)After falling into disrepair, the depot was restored due to the efforts of the community and many volunteers. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

The architectural style of the building is classified as Late 19th and 20th Century Mission / Spanish Colonial Revival.