The purpose of the El Dorado Main Street is to enhance our downtown identity and heritage, to foster a center of activity for both business and recreation and to ensure economic stability for the heart of El Dorado through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and business enhancement.

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Farmers & Merchants National Bank

101 N. Main

1506845_817784394915038_2094051902_n-2The current building was built between 1917 – 1923. There has been a bank on this corner since before 1884. The current building was built between 1917 and 1923 to house the Farmers and Merchants National Bank. From 1945 through at least 1969, the building was home to Trombla’s (jewelry store). Trombla’s was founded by Mr. and Mrs. LG Trombla in 1917. In 2014, renovations the building are returning it to its historic look.

This is a two-story blond brick Commercial Style Art Deco building. (Art Deco – Characterized by its verticality and rigid geometric patterns, Art Deco was popular in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In large cities, it took the form of skyscrapers, like the Chrysler Building.)

10523910_936199556406854_5616786862603066313_nThe building has north-facing and east-facing facades with stepped parapets. On the east façade, the storefront has been modified with board-and-batten wood bulkhead and in filled transom, truncated display window and recessed/canted entry. In the center of the upper facade is an Art Deco detail with cast-stone lintel and stepped cast-stone framing around brick laid in a chevron pattern. This is flanked on each side by a window opening with single-pane/non-historic window. Above the windows are two octagon-shaped medallions, then a simple cast-stone cornice and cast-stone cap on the stepped parapet. In the center of the parapet is an Art Deco inspired cast-stone bas-relief medallion. The north elevation is divided into five bays, divided by two-story pilasters. On the lower level, bays 1, 2 and 5 house partially in filled storefronts. Bay 3 has two clerestory windows. Bay 4 has a clerestory window and rounded arched opening. On the upper level, there are two window openings in each bay. The simple cornice band and cast-stone-capped stepped parapet continue along the north elevation.

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