Veteran Banner Pansy Dunham 30 Inch copy Pansy Dunham lived all of her adult life in El Dorado, Kansas.  She had five children, four boys (Ted Yaryan, Forrest Yaryan, Bill Yaryan, Harold Dunham) and one girl  (Wanita Dunham).

All four boys served in World War II and as a result she went to work for the Boeing Airplane Company in Wichita as a “Rosie the Riveter”.  While at Boeing during the war effort she worked on the B-29 Superfortress.  Her primary job was installing the electrical wiring in the planes.

The Wichita plant was the B-29 Superfortress main plant for Boeing during the war.  They produced a total of 1,644 of the planes.

b-29 superfortress assembly