The purpose of the El Dorado Main Street is to enhance our downtown identity and heritage, to foster a center of activity for both business and recreation and to ensure economic stability for the heart of El Dorado through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and business enhancement.

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Supporter Q & A

What is a Supporter?

A Supporter is a business, organization  or private individual who share similar interests about Downtown El Dorado with regards to physical appearance, preserving history, supporting locally owned businesses and improving the local economy.  A Supporter will contribute to El Dorado Main Street through annual financial assistance, so that Main Street can effectively execute the four-point approach which include: Design, Economic Restructuring, Promotions and Organization.

Why should I become a Supporter?

The short answer is, by becoming a Supporter you help to us to keep the doors open and allow us to continue doing what we do.  Becoming a Supporter your financial contribution is tax deductible and enables you to receive a number of different incentives, based off your level of contribution.

The long answer is, El Dorado Main Street is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization who relies on their Supporters each year to pay the bills and provide necessary resources for our different committees and grants.  Without our Supporters, El Dorado Main Street could not sustain itself and therefore, would not exist.

If El Dorado Main Street did not exist, it would have a significant negative impact to the local economy!  Since the organization was created in 1998, we have either supported or directly financed over $40 million in reinvestment and improvements to the downtown district through nearly 100 individual IWW Loans, Facade Improvement Grants, and Federal/State Grants.

One of Main Street’s goals is to start-up new businesses in our Downtown area which in turn will create new jobs and increase tax revenue.  We have re-committed to donating up to $10,000 each year towards Facade Improvement Grants and loaning out tens-of-thousands to local businesses for the zero-to-low interest IWW Loan program.

El Dorado Main Street is also responsible for the Frontier Western Celebration that has the largest impact on sales tax revenue and bed tax compared to any other local event throughout the year.

What are the different yearly Supporter levels?

Individual: $50
Business: $100
Bronze:  $500
Silver: $1,000
Gold: $2,500
Platinum: $5,000
Diamond:  $10,000+

How long does my Supporter status last?

Your Supporter status will last for one year or until you cancel if you signed up online. If you would like to withdraw your support, please contact Main Street at (316) 321-3088.

Do you have a fundraising goal for Supporters?

Yes we do!  The minimum amount that El Dorado Main Street needs to raise each year in order to operate within our budget is $15,000.  Obviously if we raise more than this goal, we will be able to do that much more within the organization.  Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all earnings raised will be used for the operating expenses and resources of the various committees and will not be for financial gain to any individual.

How do I become a Supporter?

First off, thank you for your consideration on becoming a Supporter!  Because of you, El Dorado Main Street can continue what we’ve been doing since 1998!  To become a Supporter, you can:

  • You can now support us Online
  • Contact us by phone at 316-321-3088 (office)
  • Visit the office at 116 W. Pine, in Downtown El Dorado
  • Send a check payable to “El Dorado Main Street, Inc.” to: P.O. Box 1281 | El Dorado, KS 67042

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