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El Dorado Main Street recognizes the sacrifice that each veteran makes for our country.  It’s with great pride and honor that we fly these banners as a way of saying thank you from a grateful community!

If you would like to sponsor a banner for someone, click the link below and fill out the application and submit it to the El Dorado Main Street Office.

Banner Application

El Dorado has a long history of honoring Veterans from the El Dorado Area as well as Nation Wide.  Click here to read about  this impressive history.

El Dorado Veteran History


The Veteran Banners should be flying twice this year (2018) from the middle of April thru the end of May and again in October thru the middle of November.  Each veteran is listed below.  Click on their name and it will take you to a page that has detailed information about that veteran.

Where is my Veteran Banner?  Click on the following link for a map of the banners.

Veteran Banner Map (2018)


Click on Name Below to Read About Each Individual Veteran
(Alphabetical by Last Name)
  • Anders, Josh  
  • Barnes, John
  • Bratton, Edmond
  • Connell, O.J.
  • Cool, Howard
  • Dankert, Ted 
  • Deen, Branson
  • Douglass, William 
  • Dunham, Pansy
  • Fowler, Wayne
  • Fudge, William
  • Haines, Cletus
  • Hargrove, James
  • Harmon, Harold 
  • Lee, Gary 
  • Padgett. John
  • Malcom Shaffer
  • Spencer, Glenn
  • Wernli, Dwight 
  • Yaryan, William 



As with any successful project it takes a lot of cooperation from a lot of individuals. Without the help and dedication of the following volunteers and sponsors, this project would not be possible.

  • Craig Yaryan
  • Randy Wells (Wells Designs)
  • Scott Hackler (Wells Designs)
  • Dick Morris
  • Jean Plummer
  • Emily Connell
  • Tyler Norris
  • Molly Denton
  • Harold Harmon
  • Neal Buckman
  • Westar Energy  – Raymond Lara & Staff
  • Carlson/Kirby Morris Funeral Home
  • El Dorado City Commissioners
    • Vince Haines (Mayor)
    • Chase Locke (Former Commissioner)
    • Matt Guthrie (Commissioner)
    • Greg Lewis (Commissioner)
    • Nick Badwey (Commissioner)
    • Kendra Wilkinson (Commissioner)
  • El Dorado City Manager  – David Dillner
  • El Dorado City Works  – Brad Meyer