El Dorado Main Street relies on volunteers to not only generate new ideas, but to see those ideas become reality.  This page recognizes our current volunteers on the various committees and board.  If you would like to become a volunteer on a committee, please contact us at the Main Street office today at 316-321-3088 or online, to get involved and help support our historic downtown community!

Board of Directors
 President: Andrew Conard (First United Methodist Church) 
 Vice President: Jessica Rall (YMCA) 
 Secretary:  Jean Plummer
 Treasurer:  Frank Patton
 Past President:  Craig Yaryan (Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.)
 Executive Director:  Emily Connell
 Glen Buchhotz {Emprise Bank)
 Gordan Stands
 Scott Rickard City of ElDorado)
 Skip Kistler (Holly Frontier)
 Amy Hall (The Studio El Dorado)
 Gordon Stands
 Christina Janney
 Grita Cuutis
  Ex Officio Members
Linda Baines (SunGroup Real Estate)
Jen Cook ( City - CVB)
Linda Jolly ( El Dorado Inc.)
Susie Carson ( El Dorado Chamber of Commerce )
Vince Haines ( Mayor -- El Dorado KS )
Design Committee
 Chair:  Craig Yaryan (Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.)
 Amanda Hilyard
 Fred Britain (Gravity Works : : Architecture)
 Dan Wilson (Gravity Works : : Architecture)
 Joycee Parker (Dilly Deli | Sweet 120)
 Peter Todd (Gravity Works : : Architecture)
 Tyler Norris (Freelance Creative)
 Zac Yarnell (Cardinal Creek Farms)
Economic Restructuring
 Chair:  Anna Vestering
 Skip Kistler (Holly Frontier)
 Gordon Stands
Frontier Western Celebration
 Chair:  Linda Baines (SunGroup Real Estate)
 Chair: Jean Plummer (Retired)
 Shane Thurman (Kansas Department of Transportation)
 Marc Biby (Kansas Department of Corrections)
 Nadine Buell (Butler County)
 Randy Buell (Kansas Parks & Wildlife)
 Patricia Castleman (Retired)
 Mike Castleman (Kansas Department of Corrections)
 Kristi Pruitt (Forever Young)
 Karen Foreman (Kansas Turnpike Authority)
 Bob Baines (Wichita Air Service)
 Barb Gomez (Holly Frontier Refining)
 Greg Wiley (Marketing Media)
 Tammy Allar (Key Management)
 Martie Miller (Butler County Saddle Club)
 Carolyn Dwire (Retired)
 Briana McBrider (Westar Energy)


Organization Committee
 Andrew Conard (First United Methodist Church)
 Frank Patton
 Katie Banks
Promotions Committee
 Chair: Emily Connell
 Linda Baines (SunGroup Real Estate)
 Shelly Reiswig (Mary Kay Cosmetics)