The purpose of the El Dorado Main Street is to enhance our downtown identity and heritage, to foster a center of activity for both business and recreation and to ensure economic stability for the heart of El Dorado through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and business enhancement.

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Volunteers — Board and Committees

El Dorado Main Street relies on volunteers to generate new ideas and make them a reality. Volunteers play a vital role in the success of El Dorado Main Street.

Value of Volunteer Time

2015 – 2019 

Year    Per Hr.    Approx # of Hrs.    Frontier Western Hrs.  Total Hrs.    Total $ 

2015      $17.55          1,987                             2,900                       4,887       $85,767

2016      $22.00          6,024                             3,100                       9124      $200,728

2017      $24.14          6,701                             3,000                       9,701     $234,182

2018      $24.69          6,700                             3,000                       9,700     $239,493

2019      $25.43          6,265                             2,500                       8,765     $222,894


Would you like to help downtown El Dorado?  Volunteer on a committee!  Get Involved and help support our historic downtown community.  Contact Main Street today at 316-321-3088.


Board of Directors

El Dorado Main Street Board of Directors is structured in the following manner.

Executive Committee:


Other Board Members are: 



Who is on our Board?




Partners are those businesses and individuals that graciously financially support El Dorado Main Street.



These are the various El Dorado Main Street committees and a description of the committee.


Artscape 2 Committee:

The Artscape 2 Committee is responsible for all of beautiful art and statues in the downtown area.  This includes the ongoing maintenance of the statues.

Design Committee:

Design focuses on getting the Main Street district into top physical shape and creating a safe, inviting environment for shoppers, workers, and visitors while preserving a place’s historic character. This committee focuses their efforts on the visual elements inherent in a commercial district by directing attention to all of its physical elements including: public and private buildings, storefronts, signs, public spaces, parking areas, street furniture, public art, landscaping, merchandising, window displays, and promotional materials.  An appealing atmosphere, created through attention to all of these visual elements, conveys a positive message about the commercial district and what it has to offer. Popular design activities also include instilling good maintenance practices in the commercial district, enhancing the district’s physical appearance through the rehabilitation of historic buildings, encouraging appropriate new construction, developing sensitive design management systems, educating business and property owners about design quality, and long-term planning.

Economic Vitalization:

The goal of the Economic Vitalization committee is to build a commercial district that responds to the needs of today’s consumers while maintaining the community’s historic character and strives to strengthen our community’s existing economic assets while diversifying its economic base. This is accomplished by evaluating how to retain and expand successful businesses to provide a balanced commercial mix, sharpening the competitiveness and merchandising skills of business owners, and attracting new businesses that the market can support and through creative reuse of historic properties.

 Promotions Committee:

Promotion takes many forms, but the goal is to create a positive image that will renew community pride and tell your Main Street story to the surrounding region. The techniques used by the committee help to rekindle the vitality of our downtown by communicating the district’s unique characteristics, its cultural traditions, architecture, history and activities to the community and visitors.

 Organization Committee:

Organization establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among various groups in El Dorado.  Working toward the same goals, the Organization Committee works collaboratively with El Dorado Inc, El Dorado Chamber of Commerce and the City Convention & Visitor’s Bureau to provide an effective, ongoing management and advocacy towards the development of business and community in the downtown district.

 Veteran Banner Committee:

The Veteran Banner Committee is responsible for managing the Veteran Banner program.  This includes designing and flying the veteran banners in the downtown area as well as designing and managing an individual webpage for each veteran.

Who is on our Committees?




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